You will find paths and itineraries for all hiking levels, in the valley or along the mountain crest encountering magnificent landscapes extending before you each more beautiful than the previous one.
Reach the summits and take advantage of the 360° panoramic views to be had from the top.
At every turn, depending on the time and season, you may be lucky enough to encounter and observe fauna such as, chamois, marmots or admire the majestic flight of a Royal Eagle. You may also be able to find plants including, arnica, edelweiss or alpine orchids ...
You will appreciate a break and sit by a natural spring or waterfall and taste its freshness.
We will be there to help you out, guide you and provide you with itinerary cards or path maps should you need them.
You can also explore :

- The geological reserve of the Haute-Provence, which proposes magnificent hiking circuits, which will take you along to explore rare rocks and fossils.
- Not far away from us, by passing through the mountain pass, Col de La Cayolle, you will be able to walk in the heart of the Mercantour National Park.
- You can also take the renowned Compostelle paths that serpentine nearby:
departing from Cuneo in Italy, passing through the mountain pass of the Col de Bernardez, and winding through our valley towards Sisteron.
If you want to try out an original experience: take a mountain ride on an ass... and follow the rhythm of this cute and tender companion and view the mountain area from a different perspective.

With the Belvedere chairlift, climb up to 2000 metres above sea level and try and see if you can spot the marmots, or simply walk about and discover the rich and varied flora and fauna under a turquoise sky. You may be lucky and come across the local herds, or catch a paraglider take off, while contemplating a beautiful and stirring landscape: imagine the valleys at your feet and the Lake of Serre-Ponçon like an emerald sea between the mountain peaks...
Then take a break at one of the altitude restaurants, once shepherd’s huts.
With the Brèche chairlift reaching an altitude of 2300 metres, admire the magical 360° view from the utmost peak, take advantage of the refreshments proposed at the Dormillouse Fort situated at an altitude of 2500 metres, or climb down the other mountainside towards the altitude lakes of the Col Bas.
Summer: chairlifts are open as from the beginning of July to the end of August.

There are several horse riding stables that offer horse treks and pony rides or, both for beginners and experts:
The Stables of the “Crins de Col” in the Bréole, “Le poney Club”, in Vernet and the “Ecuries de Seyne-Les-Alpes”.
Open all year round