You can choose simply to soak in the sun and tan on the beach or take a swim, or try out one of the numerous nautical activities: water skiing, wakeboard, towed buoy, electric boat rentals, pedal boats, canoes, kayaks,...

At Savine le Lac, you can enjoy sailing or hop on board the Carline tour boat to explore the lake and the breathtaking scenery.

At only twenty minutes from the camping site, discover the world of white water sports that are very popular in the Ubaye Valley: water rafting, hyrdospeeding (swimming in white waters), the canoe raft, the kayak raft and canyoning.

The River Ubaye is a bubbly, rolling torrent, known as one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. The water current slithers through the gorges picking up speed in some areas and slowing down in others inviting you to join in with the aquatic dance, by rafting, hydro-speeding, canoeing or kayaking.
Choose your favourite craft and follow the currents to discover new and exciting sensations….52 kilometres of water on which to glide along and 60 rapids.

Excursions are organized departing from the village, with our partner Rapid’eau Raft. For further information check out their website at: Open from April to October.