Reach out and take advantage of the beneficial virtues of water.

Balneotherapy combines the virtues of water with the action of heat and hydro-massage.

Allow yourself to benefit from the massage of warm-water jets or delicate bubbles of heated water at 29°C, this will help relax every part of your body:
anatomical seats, “river” for walk-against-current with massaging of the foot arch,...

THE SPAS: With water at 35°C, these provide a relaxing atmosphere allowing to recover after strenuous exercise, providing beneficial and healthy effects: find your beauty sleep easily or improve your sleeping hours, help relieve arthritis,...

This environment is ideal for modern day needs: it calms your nerves, helps dissipate stress and eliminates muscular tension. This ideal relaxing atmosphere, evacuates tiredness and helps re-discover the joy of life and tone and dynamicity thanks to its sedative action.

The TURKISH BATH is one of the best therapies you could offer your system, it contributes to the opening up of pores, eliminating all impurities, frees the sinus and the nasal channels allowing for healthier and easier breathing, it soothes muscular pains,… and is a fantastic moment of relaxation a physical workout.

The sauna and Turkish bath are not suitable for children as well as people with circulatory or cardio-vascular problems. The side effects are listed and posted in the balneotherapy area. Do not hesitate to look through this list should you need to.

This area is accessible to all the family from 22/12/2012 to 23/03/2013.
The area is reserved to those 18 and above, as from 07/05/2013 to 07/09/2013, in order to preserve the environment’s calm setting.
Shorts and Bermuda shorts are not allowed for hygienic reasons.